Royal Garden Hotel


Dining Overview

Royal garden hotel dining area located in the hotel's second and third floor.great originality designers ideas, labyrinth, small bridge, flowing water, grass, trees throughout the meantime,let diners taste food and wine luxury of also can dialogue with nature. From Chinese seafood, western style food, Japanese sushi to desserts, whether taste collocation or the selection of ingredients,everywhere reflect the chef's ingenuity and hard.All restaurant are equipped with room service, the western restaurant can accept 24 hours room service. Restaurant from time to time introduce a variety of packages, the long-term acceptance of all banquet service, such as wedding, birthday, etc., professional team orchestrated for you.

  • Royal Western Restaurant

    Decorated with various table cloths.Open kitchen design.Enjoy different Asian foods and buffet restaurant services. More +
    Opening Hours:
    Reservation Tel.:
    0769-8312 2222
  • Royal Chinese Restaurant

    Offers the specially-improved Cantonese food with western services in VIP rooms and the palace banquet hall tha… More +
    Opening Hours:
    早茶(Breakfast) 7:00-14:00
    午餐 (Lunch)11:30 - 14:30
    晚餐 (Dinner)17:30-22:00
    Reservation Tel.:
    0769-8312 2222
  • Royal Japanese Restaurant

    Offering traditional Huaishi food,Sushi bar and good roasted food on iron plate.It will show chefs’ cooking&nb… More +
    Opening Hours:
    11 : 00~14 : 00
    中餐(Lunch)(11 : 00~14 : 30)
    晚餐(Dinner)17 : 30~22 : 00
    Reservation Tel.:
    0769-8312 2222
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No.769 Meijing Zhong Road,Dalang town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province,China
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